Cakes, Favours and all things Fancy.

Knowing more about wedding cakes can really help you when you are faced with the dilemna of which cake to choose.

Choosing a style – The Wedding cake and favours should be one of the last things you choose when organising and planning your big day. You want to select a cake that will look great with your chosen theme. Something that is compatible with your venue, the season, your wedding dress and bouquet. It is always nice to combine some of your chosen flowers into the design of your cake too.

Taste the cake – You wouldn’t buy your wedding dress without trying it on and making any necessary alterations.. treat your cake the same way. Try out various cakes and experiment with flavours. Once you decide on a cake that satisfies your tastebuds, as well as your guests, then give it the go ahead. Start setting up appointments with wedding bakers and try their sample cakes. This is also a great opportunity to meet the baker behind it all.

Size it up – Generally, your average sized wedding cake with three tiers will serve 50-100 guests. If your wedding reception is in a large open room, consider columns between tiers to increase the cakes stature so it doesn’t look out of place.

Frosting or Fondant?–  What look are you going for? I think most people would agree that Buttercream icing gives the cake a simply scrumptious taste. Buttercream isn’t the more Aesthetically pleasing though and tends to have a more messy finish. If you prefer the smoother, sleeker look then I would recommend a classic, fondant cake… or get the best of both worlds by choosing an under layer of buttercream covered by a smooth fondant finish.

Top it Off– There are many beautifully unique ways you can choose to top off your cake without going for the standard plastic item to plonk there, Unless that is of course a look you quite like. If you are looking for a different approach, Porcelain figurines can look rather quaint and classy. Why not try going organic? Opt for a floral design or arrangement. Or Add more edible features…get your baker to create something beautiful in marzipan giving you a pretty and tasty finish…. something to make it stand out.


Choosing your wedding favours.

You don’t have to break the bank to find good wedding favours. Sometimes the smallest surprises make the greatest impression.

Whether its gourmet bites or some form of cake or candy , edible gifts will always go down a treat with your guests.

Why not try something completely Unique?  Little jars of different flavours of Gin or cute cocktails will add fun and excitement to your guests day too.

For a special touch you can include a message, something that makes it more personal. A little note thanking your guests for sharing the experience with you…… but seriously… everyone loves candy.